What is beagling?

Traditionally, beagling is the hunting of the hare on foot with a pack of hounds. At present there is a ban on hare hunting. Nevertheless, the Airedale Beagles continue to hunt, but within the law. We exercise the beagles, follow trails and pursue rabbits. The enjoyment of the sport is watching the hounds at work. Whilst we still enjoy our hunting we support the campaign to have the Hunting Act repealed, so that we can once again enjoy the true sport of beagling.

Beagling is a sport for all, irrespective of age. The hounds are followed on foot and followers can either watch the action from a suitable vantage point or move closer to the hounds. Standards of individual fitness therefore are not important; neither is what you wear. Although the hunt officials wear uniform, the rest of us dress appropriately for a day's walk in the country. We enjoy the countryside in the company of other like-minded people from all walks of life. We come to see hounds working and to get some fresh air and exercise; often on land to which we would not otherwise have access.

We hunt only on land with the permission of the landowner, farmer, and (where appropriate) the gamekeeper. Respect for the countryside and those who work in it is always our first priority. At the start of a day's hunting we often meet at a pub or farmhouse before moving off at midday. We watch the hounds at work for three or four hours or until unfavourable conditions bring an end to our sport