History of the Airedale Beagles

Dawson Jowett and Tom Clark 1891
Dawson Jowett and Tom Clark 1891
Dawson Jowett and Tom Clark 1891
Dawson Jowett and Tom Clark 1891
The Dawson Jowett Memorial Plaque
The Dawson Jowett Memorial Plaque
Dick Hudsons (The Fleece)1954
Dick Hudsons (The Fleece)1954

The Airedale Beagles were established in 1891 through the co-operation of business and working men. This followed a chance encounter on Ilkey Moor between Dawson Jowett and Tom Clark. Tom became the kennelman and Dawson the huntsman. The Hunt had links to the Bradford harriers that had disbanded just a couple of years before and the long tradition of beagling in the Jowett family.

Whilst 1891 is generally accepted as the date of their establishment. a reference to a hunt of the Airedale Beagles has been found in a copy of The Bradford Observer dated 2 March 1865.

Originally trencher fed, in 1922 land was bought at Eldwick and kennels and a huntsman's house built. In 1935 new hound-proof railings were installed. The cost was raised by subscription as a memorial to Mr. Dawson Jowett, who was Master for a period of forty two seasons. They moved to their present kennels in 1983.

Masters of the Airedale Beagles

Dawson Jowett 1891-1933
W Mold and GL Hudson 1933-1936
H A Jowett and D Bain 1936-1938
H A Jowett 1938-1947
H A Jowett and P Highley 1947-1948
P Highley 1948-1955
P Highley and RE Mathias 1955-1957
RE Mathias 1957-1961
RE Mathias and JWD Paisley 1961-1967
J W D Paisley and M Davidson 1980-1984
J W D Paisley, M Davidson and J J Eaton 1984-1986
J W D Paisley and J Eaton 1986-1989
J J Eaton and J C Richardson 1989-1993
J J Eaton 1993-1998
J Taylor, J W D Paisley and S R Winpenny 1998-2000
J W D Paisley, S R Winpenny, P Myers. and G Brereton 2000-2001
S R Winpenny, P Myers, and G Brereton 2001-2004
G Brereton and B Robinson 2004-2006
G Brereton, B Robinson and M Spilsbury 2006-2007
M Spilsbury 2006-2008
M Spilsbury and H Allan 2008-2011
M Spilsbury, H Allan and P A Osbaldiston 2011-2013
M Spilsbury and P A Osbaldiston 2013- 2017
M Spilsbury, P A Osbaldiston. K Parsons 2017 - 2019
M Spilsbury and K Parsons 2019 - 2020
P A Osbaldiston, V Stockdale and A Rawlinson 2020 -